Chinese cities recruit "public eyes" to cdisney fastpass braceletheck traffic violations

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TIANJIN - People in North China"s Tianjin Municipality have shown enthusiasm to become "public eyes," after the city"s traffic police launched recruitment to assist supervision of traffic violations earlier this month.

The municipal public security department said more than 42,000 people had registered either via the police"s official online portal or the app. The department has also received 23,000 video clips of traffic violations uploaded by volunteers.

The reports include video clips on misdemeanors ranging from fake license plates to driving in highway emergency lanes.

Police offer a cash award of 100 yuan (14.54 US dollars) to a report that clearly shows an alleged violation with details of the violator"s vehicle body and number plate.

"Everyone on the road can take part in supervision against traffic violations, which can help build a safe and smooth traffic environment," said police officer Cao Yi from the department.

Other Chinese cities like Shenzhen, Nanjing, Xiamen and Jinan have introduced similar measures in efforts to check a persistent rise in traffic violations.

Tianjin police warned people not to take videos while driving. Drivers are advised to participate in reporting by using automobile data recorders.

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