Shanghai"s volunteer regulations to be branded sweat bandsamended

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A volunteer helps a resident throw a paper bag in Shanghai, June 4, 2019. [Photo/IC]

How to involve Shanghai"s youth population in the city"s volunteer service and ensure their safety has become the focus of discussion as legislators on Wednesday reviewed an amendment to regulations regarding the service.

People who haven"t reach adulthood but are ready to help should be encouraged to volunteer, which can be educational and instill the responsibility to serve society, said Mao Fang, one of the city"s legislators.

Mao also proposed special volunteer activities for young people that better apply to their physical and mental development.

Mao suggested organizers instead of supervisors should ensure young volunteers" security.

"Clarifying the responsibility helps draw more under-age people into the volunteer team," Mao said.

Legislator Zhang Chen disagreed, saying she doesn"t believe people under the age of 18 have the capacity to volunteer.

"Volunteer services should be given by people with full capacity for civil conduct," Zhang said.

She called for programs designed to let people experience volunteering, rather than programs that rely on them.

Shanghai first issued its regulations on volunteer services in 2009 when the city was preparing for the 2010 Shanghai World Expo.

Volunteers have since played a significant role not only during major international events, but also in the daily management of the city.

Statistics from the municipal government show that numbers in Shanghai"s volunteer service have grown to 4,130,000 and the number of volunteer service organizations now stands at 231.

While the role of volunteers has expanded, registrations of such services are still performed on an ad-hoc basis, meaning that volunteers have to repeatedly register for duties.

The introduction of a unified system for the volunteer service will help address this problem.

The amendment is aimed at creating a unified platform that will enhance the registration, management and review of volunteer services.

It also aims to encourage more volunteering by offering those with good records preferential treatment in education, employment, medical care and public service.

Huo Xingyu contributed to this story.

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